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How About Our Half Price Move?

Labor Only Moving

Do you have your own truck or equipment? Do you just need a reliable and efficient mover to help you load or unload your household goods?  

Let us doing the heavy lifting for you, we have mover helpers for as low $59/hour per mover helper (depending on availability.) Our employees are professionally trained to help in all aspects of your move. We know how to maximize the space you have, we load pods, overseas containers, and rental trucks. 

Whether it’s just loading or unloading a rental truck or container. Even if it’s just moving items within’ your home, no job to small and we would love to help. 

Our employees can help you load your truck for a long distance move or just something locally in the city. Maybe you need help moving within’ the same complex? You can call us for that too! 

Our men are fully trained to help you with all your labor needs, you can pick the men up from our physical location or you can have them meet you at the job site directly for an additional fee.

Always make sure you are loading correctly and efficiently…

  • We always recommend you use protection for your items when loading whether it’s moving blankets, storage blankets or paper pads.

  • Did you know movers release liability of your items once the door shuts on your rental or storage container, so double check your load and make sure you are satisfied with the work.

  • To avoid damages protect household goods and use straps, tie downs, or nylon rope to secure furniture on the wall of the truck/container to avoid shifting during transit.

  • Use heavier pieces of furniture as your base or foundation, and work your way up with lighter items and boxes.

  • Box all loose or misc. items if possible for example (lamps, pictures, mirrors, etc…)

  • Make sure to not put stretch wrap directly on wood surfaces; moisture could build up between which can damage to the furniture or cause molding when storing. Place mover pads or packing paper around the item before stretch wrapping. 
Labor Only Moving
Labor Only Moving

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