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Recommended 1 Bedroom Apt


10 sm boxes, 7 md boxes, 3 lg boxes, 10# packing paper, 1 roll tape, 1 tape dispenser, 1 Tag-a-room Apartment kit, 1 marker

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Recommended 2 Bedroom Apt


15 sm boxes, 15 md boxes, 8 lg boxes, 2 xlg boxes, 20# packing paper, 25′ bubble wrap, 2 rolls tape, 1 tape dispenser, 1 Tag-a-room Home kit, 1 marker

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Recommended 3 Bedroom Home


25 sm boxes, 15 md boxes, 15 lg boxes, 10 xlg boxes, 25# packing paper, 150′ bubble wrap, 3 rolls tape, 2 tape dispensers, 1 Tag-a-room Home kit, 1 Tag-a-room Fragile kit, 1 marker

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Small Box
16" x 12" x 12"

Quantity Price
1 – 24
25 - 49
150 - 599

Suggested Use:
Books, Records, Dishes, etc.

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Medium Box
18" x 18" x 16"

Quantity Price
1 – 14
15 - 299
300 - 599

Suggested Use:
Kitchen items, small appliances, toys.

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Large Box
18" x 18" x 24"

Quantity Price
1 – 14
15 - 299
300 - 599

Suggested Use:
Lampshades, pillows, stereo speakers, blankets, stuffed animals or clothing

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Dish Pack Box
18" x 18" x 28"

Quantity Price
1 – 9
10 - 89
90 - 300

Suggested Use:
China, antiques or fragile items. Boxes may also be used for linens, pillows, kitchen items, stuffed animals or toys.

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Wardrobe Box + Bar
24" x 20" x 46"

Quantity Price
1 – 4
5 - 44
45 - 89

Suggested Use:
Dresses, jackets, shirts, etc.

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Single Price
Bundle Price
Bundle Min. Qty.
Wholesale Price
Wholesale Min. Qty.
Small 16x12x12$1.30$0.9825.00$0.8875.00
Medium 18x18x16$2.34$1.7615.00$1.5845.00
Large 18x18x24$2.92$2.1915.00$1.9745.00
X-Large 24x18x24$3.80$2.8515.00$2.5745.00
Wardrobe 24x20x46$13.36$10.025.00$9.0215.00
Lamp 12x12x40$3.86$2.9015.00$2.6145.00
TV Kit (up to 64")$29.99----
Dish/Glass Boxes
Dish 18x18x28$5.38$4.045.00$3.6315.00
Insert Kit$10.26$7.705.00$6.9315.00
Dish Saver Kit$11.68$8.765.00$7.8815.00
Glass Pack Kit$10.88$8.165.00$7.3415.00
Picture/Mirror Boxes
Sm 18x6x24$3.74$2.8115.00$2.5245.00
Med 30x6x24$4.48$3.3615.00$3.0245.00
Lg 30x6x36$8.16$6.1215.00$5.5145.00
4 pc. Picture/Mirror$6.72$5.045.00$4.5415.00
Mattress Bags & Furniture Covers
Twin bag$6.18$4.646.00$4.1718.00
Full bag$5.24$3.936.00$3.5418.00
Queen bag$5.78$4.346.00$3.9018.00
King bag$6.90$5.186.00$4.6618.00
Sofa cover$4.58$3.446.00$3.0918.00
Chair cover (2)$4.58$3.446.00$3.0918.00
Furniture pad$4.60$3.456.00$3.1118.00
Paper pad$1.64$1.236.00$1.1118.00
Quilted Moving Blankets$15.58$11.696.00$10.5218.00
Bubble Wrap
Bubble 24x3/16x300$42.00$31.504.00$28.3512.00
Bubble 24x5/16x125$22.00$16.504.00$14.8512.00
Bubble 12x3/16x300$21.00$15.754.00$14.1812.00
Bubble 12x5/16x125$11.00$8.254.00$7.4312.00
Misc. Items
Tape Gun$5.20$3.9012.00$3.5136.00
Stretch 5" clear 1000'$7.50$5.636.00$5.0618.00
Stretch 18" clear 1500'$23.50$17.634.00$15.8612.00
Yellow/White Tie-Down Rope 1/4"x50'$2.49$1.866.00$1.6818.00
Utility Knife$2.49$1.8712.00$1.6836.00
Packing Material
Styrofoam sheet 2'x4'x1"$3.28$2.465.00$2.2115.00
Styrofoam sheet 2'x4'x2"$6.54$4.915.00$4.4115.00
Styrofoam sheet 4'x8'x1"$12.80$9.602.00$8.646.00
Styrofoam sheet 4'x8'x2"$25.60$19.202.00$17.286.00
Peanuts 1.5 cu.ft.$6.22$4.673.00$4.209.00
Peanuts 4.5 cu.ft.$13.76$10.313.00$9.299.00
Peanuts 15 cu.ft.$32.28$24.213.00$21.799.00
Newsprint 1 lb.$1.06----
Newsprint 10 lb.$10.58$7.9410.00$7.1430.00
Newsprint 25 lb.$26.48$19.8610.00$17.8730.00
Tape clear 55 yd.$1.26$0.9536.00$0.8572.00
Tape clear 110 yd.$2.58$1.9436.00$1.7472.00
24 mm Filament Tape$5.15$3.866.00$3.4824.00
48 mm Filament Tape$10.28$7.716.00$6.9424.00
E-Z Cylinder Lock-Single$7.02$6.08100.00$5.62500.00
E-Z Cylinder Lock-Twin Pack$12.42$10.76100.00$9.94500.00
Tag-A-Room Labels
Household Moving Labels (140 labels)$4.99$2.996.00$2.4912.00
Office Moving Labels (150 labels)$7.49$6.996.00$5.9912.00
Fragile Labels (25 labels)$2.69$1.796.00$1.4912.00
Storage Labels (50 labels)$2.99$1.996.00$1.5912.00
Apartment Moving Labels (60 labels)$3.59$1.996.00$1.5912.00
Counter Display$39.95----
Counter Display Refill (any type)$2.49----
Shipping Boxes
Moving Boxes

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in Business

Fully Licensed
and Insured

Less than 1%
Damage Claim Rate

Background Checks
on Every Employee

The crew was on time and very polite. They wrapped and padded items most movers do not. Very efficient and I would definitely use more
Robert Fields
Robert Fields
14:25 15 Dec 18
Half Price Movers was not the first company I called. I felt the others didn't care if they got my business or not. Nor could they give me a true estimate. Half Price made it very clear they care about service first. Not only the nice guys on the phone but the 3 men who showed up to do the actual work. They were all so very polite and when one thing broke (normal in any move) they immediately told me and offered to help me put in a claim. They asked me questions about everything. Making it clear they simply wanted to make me happy. And their quote was spot on. They might not have been the cheapest in town, but they were by far the only ones that I felt truly cared about me as their source of business. You don't find true Customer Service much anymore. But I sure did with Half Price Movers. That was the sole reason I hired more
C Moreno
C Moreno
15:18 08 Dec 18
They arrived safely on time, unloaded our furniture carefully and quickly. They also place the heavy pieces where I needed them. Good job!read more
Dale Taylor
Dale Taylor
01:29 03 Nov 18
I absolutely would recommend Half Price Movers. Friendly and professional from the first phone call to check prices til the movers drove away. Very competitive pricing. Movers took care to pad and wrap everything. It was a good more
Kelly Ables
Kelly Ables
11:06 27 Oct 18
Awesome customer service and they got everything done in a timely manner and with no issues! I would definetly recommend this companyread more
Veronica Nieto
Veronica Nieto
00:59 20 Oct 18
I would recommend these guys. Had a rough start with Half Price Movers. They were running behind on schedule and we had to call several times to get a status & ETA. They finally showed up and initially told us they can only move what was on their list. So be sure you cover this 'list' when you schedule with them. So we had them move all our stuff. The 2 guys that were there are beasts. They had my apartment loaded from the second floor in 45 min. Unloaded in about 30. They were great. After calling the office the following Monday to discuss my issues, they refunded part of our money to make up for being late and Connie in the office was kind and understanding and was happy to discount our cost. There were a few scratches on my dresser and I was unable to meet someone to make repairs (which they kindly offered) so they sent me a check to make the repairs myself. They may have had a few blunders in the beginning but they handled it professionally and respectfully and made up for any mistakes. I would use them again and will recommend them to more
Michele Jones
Michele Jones
15:39 12 Sep 18
Very courteous and professional movers. The customer service staff was excellent too! Thank you half price movers for ensuring our move was stress free!read more
Maricela Salazar
Maricela Salazar
00:31 31 Aug 18
Half Price Movers moved my fiancé and I into our new home. They were on time and took great care of all of our furniture. They called to confirm the move and were very nice and thorough getting all the information. The movers were also very thoughtful with each piece of furniture. We definitely recommend them for any future moves!!read more
Makenzie Lewalski
Makenzie Lewalski
19:42 05 Aug 18
Steven and Dimitrio were on time, very professional, and personable. They worked efficiently and as quickly as possible. I would recommend Half Price Movers anytime.Thanks guysread more
Danny Copeland
Danny Copeland
15:17 04 Aug 18
The movers were really good, they took everything apart that needed to be broken down and set it all back up perfectly!
Julie Fuleky
Julie Fuleky
03:22 09 Jun 18
Absolutely amazing. Chad and his staff were on time, zero issues and they were able to load my entire 4 bedroom home( not all bedrooms had furniture) into a 20 ft container. They walked us through the process and were there step by step. Truly a stress free moving process. Thanks Chad, Sterling and your entire crew in San Antonio!read more
james skinner
james skinner
01:30 23 May 18
The drivers were great! Everyone was nice and professional. No big surprises. Thanks
Sherry Knouse
Sherry Knouse
17:06 30 Apr 18
They moved my dad from one memory care facility to another without a hitch! On time, polite, and courteous to other residents! Will use them again!read more
M Swisher
M Swisher
17:05 31 Mar 18
Excellent customer service from Office Staff (Ms. Connie). Movers were excellent with carefully placing items from a storage unit to my father's apartment and did above and beyond. Would highly recommend this moving more
Kilbride Ross
Kilbride Ross
22:03 11 Mar 18
These guys did such an amazing job moving my office, that I hired them for my personal move. The two guys that came out worked hard and fast, and did an amazing job, even though one of them was horribly allergic to my cats! I would definitely recommend them for both professional office moves and for personal moves. Excellent customer service and they didn't stand around milking the clock for time. I was very happy with their services!read more
kathryn richards
kathryn richards
14:40 23 Jan 18
This was our second time using Half Price Movers. Both times the crew worked hard and were respectful. They arrived when expected and completed our move in the quoted time frame. All of our belongings were placed in their proper room and were undamaged. I feel confident recommending this more
Lyn Bosson
Lyn Bosson
15:07 16 Dec 17
Very happy with the service from beginning to end with HALF PRICE MOVERS! The 2 gentlemen that moved me were the BEST! I can't thank them enough for taking care of all my items - NOTHING was damaged at all! I will definitely be using them again if and when I ever move. Thank you!read more
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
07:28 11 Dec 17