Shipping Services

Domestic & international shipping via FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. We offer both ground and air services.

We have some of the most competitive freight rates in the US. Our multiple partners help make your move affordable and efficient

We have the most experienced Crating team in Texas and have crated 1000’s of products.

Our packaging consultants can help with all shapes and sizes. We make sure your items arrive in one piece

We work with all major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL), freight carriers (including ground, ocean, & air freight), the United States Postal Service, airlines, and more! Unlike carrier-specific stores that only ship through a single carrier, Half Price Movers works with all carriers. This allows us to offer our clients competitive rates from multiple shipping companies. When a customer enters our location to ship something, they are always given a comparison of rates offered by the different carriers. It is then the client’s decision which service best suits their needs. That’s what sets Half Price Movers apart from the competition in the shipping business. We do not benefit in any way from a client choosing one carrier over another. We wish simply to always provide our customers with the best possible service and rate; no strings attached.

Our clients benefit greatly from our extensive training, knowledge, and experience in all modes of shipping, logistics, and transportation. Our vast list of shipping options includes various forms of marine cargo, air cargo, and land transportation. Shipments can be boxed, palletized, containerized, or even go free form, depending on the nature of the item. We offer a complete, full-featured service capable of accommodating any order. This means that we can pick up, pack, and ship any item(s), so you never have to go anywhere else! Our packing and shipping specialties include fine art, electronics, servers, furniture, sculptures, and even motorcycles!

We provide shipping services for a variety of clients, ranging from large corporations to interior designers. Half Price Movers offers custom crating services, guaranteed packaging, shipment insurance, and more! Combine our shipping service with our packaging service for a professionally packed, no-hassle, guaranteed shipment.