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Half Price Movers is a qualified, BBB rated company that background checks every employee. You can feel safe and confident moving with us.

Unfortunately, there are some unreputable, scam companies that take advantage of the unsuspecting public.

A smart consumer recognizing the signs of being scammed, called the Houston Police Department and reported that the operators posing as movers in her house were not real movers, but in fact were thieves. HPD advised "don't do anything except stay out of their way; we are on the way". They arrived in time to find the customer's missing iPod, diamond earrings, a loaded gun, and prescription medicine, tucked away in the cab of the unmarked truck and arrested two men, both with previous felony charges including theft, drugs and assault. The Channel 2 Investigative Reporter attempted to interview the owners of two unlicensed operators involved in these scams about their illegal operations; they didn't have much to say, and quickly disappeared behind closed doors. Catch the full story on:

Half Price Movers is a member of the Southwest Movers Association. Check them out at for more information regarding moving safeguards and tips.