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The Moving Blog

Here are even more great tips from an article by Jennifer Hiller on

Jennifer Hiller writes:

"I did a story recently for our Real Estate section about organizing your home for a move.

Since then, I’ve gotten some more fantastic tips from local professional organizer Terri Wells of Timeless Organizing Solutions & Services, which I wanted to share. These are Wells’ words, edited a bit:"

  •     As soon as you know you are moving, start decluttering and organizing.
  •     Every box or item that is moved is an expense. The less you move, the lower the cost.
  •     If you don’t love or haven’t used an item in more than a year (except for seasonal, valuable items), let go.
  •     Return borrowed items or items you are storing for others (hint: adult children who have their own home).
  •     If the home is for sale, remember that there will be people walking through, judging the home by the housekeeping and amount of stuff in it.
  •     Consider your current square footage verses the new square footage.
  •     Will the contents of your home fit in the new home, fit the style of the new home or fit your new lifestyle?
  •     Do a walk through of the interior and exterior to visualize the task at hand.
  •     Schedule the days/times to spend decluttering.  Make sure that everyone involved in the move is available.
  •     Take pictures or video the before and after decluttering. This will motivate you to stay organized and clutter-free in the new home.
  •     Pare down seasonal items.
  •     Be methodical.  Focus on one area at a time.
  •     Before you begin, make sure you have plenty of trash bags and boxes for charity, recycling, garage sale, etc.
  •     Use all food in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry before buying more.
  •     Resist the temptation to buy anything until you get to the new home.
  •     A well organized, decluttered and staged home with neutral, limited items can make a home appear larger and more inviting, possible helping with the sale.
  •     If time is limited or the task is overwhelming, hiring a professional organizer can help you stay on task.
  •     Pack and keep in your possession a box with essentials for the first night and morning in the new home: Coffee pot and supplies, paper plates, snacks, a can opener, bed linens, towels, personal hygiene items, first-aid kit and tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, scissors and box cutter.

written by - Jennifer Hiller

original post: