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mover labor onlyPutting your household goods in someone else's care is a big deal. We understand the importance of packing and loading your items safely and securely. That's why we will provide you with professionally trained movers to assist you with all your packing and loading needs at a fraction of the price you would pay a moving company.

That's our Half Price Movers difference!

We provide a trained mover to help load or unload your rented or personal truck. Our movers are background checked and verified. They are also well trained in moving techniques that save time and money as well as being able to load and unload your posessions carefully and safely. Call us now for our best one and two man labor only price quotes!


Size Chart

Used For 

Our Loading/
Unloading Price


12' 450 cubic feet

1 - 2 Rooms

$170.00 - $255.00


16' 800 cubic feet

2 - 3 Rooms

$190.00 - $290.00


22' 1,200 cubic feet

3 - 5 Rooms

$340.00 - $510.00


26' 1,400 cubic feet

5 - 7 Rooms

$425.00 - $595.00

*Prices may vary depending on walking distance and stairs and are based on loading or unloading trucks.
Prices do not include actual packing of boxes.